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About me

Nice to meet you.

I am Anna-Lena.

Coach and Mentor.
Former Manager and Supply Chain Professional.
Expat and a Mother myself.

During 10+ years of working experience - being a professional in mostly commercial Manager functions, I discovered that what drives me most is the wellbeing of other people! 
I have a passion for coaching and personal development.
It started when I got my NLP Practitioner certification in 2015. Sine then I am fascinated by the tools and methods that improved how I communicate and help others with their personal growth.
I only realised a bit later in life that being a coach was always part of my job. Be it in leadership roles where I was responsible for the well being of employees, or in projects mentoring my peers.
Eventually this passion developed further and became more than a hobby.
I started up Perspektivenwechsel in summer 2022 with the vision to support others with their personal development and next steps on their journey.
This can be related to career development, personal development, specific family situation or a move abroad.
Change is exciting and sometimes needs a little external support.
My focus is on improving the wellbeing of others through coaching and mentoring.

‘Work on you - for you’.

Do you want an expert to help you with that and get a fresh perspective?

House and bicycle

How do I work?

I am a certified Coach (NLP Practitioner, NLP Master July 2023, ICI accredited Master Coach est. Q4 2023), native German and also fluent in Dutch & English. Coachings can be done in any of these languages.

I am an empathic Coach with a positive attitude. I will help you to get a change of perspective on your topic during my coaching sessions.
By using different techniques we will find out what is potentially hindering you from reaching your goals.

Let's find out together.

My goal is to support you by providing strategies and methods to create a positive change for your individual topic. We will also improve your thoughts and inner dialogue.

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