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Mom with Baby

Come back with confidence

Are you a new mother getting ready to transition back into the professional world after your maternity leave? 

The 'Return from maternity leave' program is designed to empower and support you through this significant life shift. 

Based on experience I understand that re-entering the workforce after having a baby can be both exciting and challenging. That's why I created this coaching program to ensure your return is as smooth as possible and filled with confidence.

Customized Offering

Why choose the 'Return from maternity leave' Program ?

I empathize with the challenges you may face and am committed to guiding you through this transformative period. My holistic coaching approach focuses on your personal growth, career development and overall well-being.

Get Started:
Embrace your return to work with confidence and enthusiasm. Get in touch with me to learn more about the return from maternity leave program and how Perspektivenwechsel can tailor the program to your specific needs. Let’s empower you to excel both as a mother and a professional – because you deserve a fulfilling and successful journey ahead.

Reignite your career journey today. Contact me to book an intake.

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